If you are a manager or scientist at a mid-size lab facility where a variety of substances are shared and consumed over time, you may be a perfect candidate for this beta study! This includes academic, pharmaceutical, research, cannabis, or supplement lab sites. All domestic sites will be considered, and local sites in Southern California are preferred.

Scaled Solutions Technologies LLC (SST) is recruiting for its first cohort of labs to participate in a 1-month beta testing program starting in March of 2021. Beta testing is for the SST RealTime Scale product, a new technology that enables automatic and continuous monitoring of the amounts remaining in bottled substances.

Study topics will include: utility of information, items monitored, user experience, value propositions, improvement over current solutions, aesthetic and functional design considerations, manual tasks alleviated, performance relative to expectations, quantifying time savings, reliability assessment, ease of use, patterns of use, evaluation of features, integration preferences, and overall benefit.


The SST team will provide a test device and portal access, along with guide materials and resources. Instructions for setup and use will be given at cohort orientation, which will take place virtually over Zoom. The SST team will be available to help configure your beta product and provide any needed technical support or assistance. The team will also be delighted to discuss your specific use case and setup, and will be available at any time for consult or feedback. A mid-term check-in by the SST executive team may occur via casual interview with the participants in your lab. The study will culminate in an end-term all-cohort focus group feedback session, which is planned to take place virtually over Zoom and will provide a low pressure environment to answer questions together in a roundtable discussion and to also network with beta cohort peers from other organizations.

1) Be first to use cool new tech and influence design
2) Network with others in your beta tester cohort
3) Have your testimonial featured on LinkedIn page and website
4) Account credit for subscription
5) Gift cards and goodie basket upon program completion


You may also email Kyle Kimmel at and ask about the Beta Testing program.