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Scaled Solutions Technologies LLC (SST) helps scientists by providing a convenient and affordable inventory automation platform that tracks shared reagent amounts in real time in order to mitigate supply risk and streamline lab responsibilities.

RealTime Results

The SST RealTime Platform™ utilizes a fusion of hardware and software – the SST RealTime Scale™ and companion tablet with the SST RealTime Portal™ and companion application – to create a seamlessly integrated smart inventory system. This unique combination provides a deeper visibility into lab inventory by measuring the amount of reagent within each container for a precise count of total stock for all reagents in the lab.


To streamline laboratory research.


Provide laboratories with a convenient, smart, and broadly available tracking system that will increase productivity and save time and cost for researchers.


Scaled Solutions Technologies is bringing cost-saving automation to the lab inventory market and will become a trusted brand for laboratory tracking solutions.


Innovation  •  Integrity •  Collaboration • Simplicity •  Customer Focus

Products & Services We Offer

SST RealTime Scale™

This state-of-the-art scale-scanner device allows you to easily capture real-time data about your laboratory substances.

SST RealTime Portal™

Your real-time laboratory data is automatically updated and easily accessible in this cloud-based database.

RealTime Security

Scaled Solutions Technologies adheres to industry best practices to protect the security of your laboratory data.

SST RealTime Companion™

The process of connecting and calibrating your devices couldn’t be easier than with this nifty mobile application.

RealTime Analytics

Our software does the work for you, converting data into actionable insights that save you time and money.

RealTime Precision

SST provides deeper visibility into your laboratory operations through smart device data capture and intelligence.


Our Core Team

Kyle Kimmel, PhD, MBA


Jeff Anson, Esq.


Tom Lugo, MBA

Technology Advisor

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Luis Ramirez Briceño

Software Engineer

Elijah Taylor-Kuni

Software Engineer

Joshua P. Smith, MBA

Technology Creator

Kate MacArevey-Colello, MBA

Technical Advisor