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Patented cost-saving real-time inventory solutions for site managers

A "game-changer" in inventory management. Start improving your operational efficiency today with smart automation


Scaled Solutions Technologies provides convenient automation that saves you valuable time in the laboratory.


Our systems utilize a fusion of device hardware with database software to deliver a turnkey holistic solution.


SST systems provide real-time actionable laboratory data your team can trust, easily accessible in the cloud.

Mission & Vision

Efficiency through Innovation

Our mission is to provide site managers with a convenient, smart, and accessible tracking system that will increase productivity and save time and cost. Our goal is to become a go-to provider for you to streamline your inventory management with smart automation.

smart devices

Scaled Solutions Technologies brings smart IoT devices that are customized to automate and streamline your laboratory operations.



Operate your laboratory with intelligent data-driven analytics. SST software converts real-time device data to actionable insights.



Scaled Solutions Technologies provides software-as-a-service, including multi-level support, integrations, and support services.

What Can We Do For You?

Data Visibility

Scaled Solutions Technologies utilizes smart IoT devices for real-time data capture, providing trusted information in a shared environment.

Automation & Efficiency

Work smarter, not harder.  We automate time-consuming and costly lab management needs, so that you can focus on essential tasks.  

Software Integrations

Customize your Scaled Solutions Technologies software to integrate with LIMS, laboratory notebook or purchasing software.

Smart Device Control

Use your desktop, a tablet, or even your phone to pair our hardware devices and for easy configuration and data access.

Hardware & Software Training

SST provides interactive training and virtual simulations for a better customer experience and a faster learning curve. 

Premium Customer Service

Scaled Solutions Technologies is available for its customers.  We are dedicated to quickly responding to your needs.  

Smart Device Design

RFID Sensor

Our contactless interaction with your consumables allows us to track every interaction with our SST RealTime Scale™.

Visual Indicators

Mutli-colored LED feedback helps guide users during scanning, weighing, configuration, and more!

Simple Procedure

Our devices are designed for quality and customer experience. The SST RealTime Scale™ is customized with a unique RFID backstop antenna.  Just place a tagged reagent on the scale, and updated reagent information is displayed within seconds in the SST RealTime Portal™.

Chemical Resistance

The chemical resistant exterior protects the SST RealTime Scale™ from corrosive spills in the lab. The durable and rigid form also keeps the device stable during interactions with the scale.

WIFI Enabled

Our easy WIFI configuration through our SST RealTime Companion™ App allows you to start managing your consumable inventory in no time!

Scale Precision

The SST RealTime Scale™ can support a wide range of lab bench consumables. We record your consumables in our SST RealTime Portal™  so you can maintain visibility of your inventory.

Live Product Demonstration

Utilize scale-scanner to auto-update database after use

Easily locate consumables in your database and see current quantities

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Scaled Solutions Technologies LLC Standard Terms and Conditions for Sales and Service CONTRACT– These terms and conditions, together with any other supplemental written terms we give you pertaining to your order or service agreement, form a contract between you, the...

Aquillius Startup Market Tech Fair

Aquillius Startup Market Tech Fair

On September 12, 2023, Scaled Solutions Technologies (SST) had an awesome time exhibiting together with local startups at the Startup Market by the San Diego accelerator Aquillius. Attendees were fully engaged at the event, leading to beta testing signups of...


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