On September 12, 2023, Scaled Solutions Technologies (SST) had an awesome time exhibiting together with local startups at the Startup Market by the San Diego accelerator Aquillius. Attendees were fully engaged at the event, leading to beta testing signups of individuals, small businesses and biotech labs! SST is happy to work together with our community to drive efficiency and sustainability through smart automation in inventory management.

Here is what industry leaders from the event are saying:

“Excited to meet the founder of Scaled Solutions Technologies (SST) at the Aquillius pitch fest today. Their technology will save those at the bench a lot of time and money. They’re actively looking for testers to Beta their SST RealTime Scale, a new, affordable, RFID scale-scanner device, so please reach out if you’d like to participate!”

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Taylor Moyer

Vice President, Lab Services Solutions, Flagship Lab Services

“Scaled Solutions Technologies (SST) with RFID based lab consumables [and devices] that scan, weigh, and manage inventory inventory levels in real-time. First product is ready, larger scale coming soon.”

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Ali Divan, Ph.D.

Founder and Principal, Trulitica

“Kyle L. Kimmel, Ph.D., MBA [with Thomas Lugo MBA and Jeffrey Anson J.D.] co-founded a time-saving marvel: a scale that scans and inputs inventory directly into your database, revolutionizing inventory management through Scaled Solutions Technologies (SST).”

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Marketing Manager, Aquillius

Catch us at the next community event to talk #innovation and share ideas about how to achieve #efficiencythroughinnovation.

Be well,

The SST Team