SST RealTime Scale™

Introducing the seamless inventory management system for your lab. Our wireless SST RealTime Scale™ application tracks a variety of consumables for your lab bench work.

RFID Scanning

The SST RealTime Scale™ incorporates a unique RFID
scanner in a backstop design feature for rapid scanning of tagged items.

One-Beep System

Our “One-Beep System” allows for items to be scanned and weighed in one motion – and with a single beep and visual indicator you know that your item weight has been updated in the SST RealTime Portal™.

Precision & Capacity

The SST RealTime Scale™ has models to cover your needs, whether you need a superior precision or larger capacity.


With a small compact design and footprint, the SST RealTime Scale™ can fit into any stockroom or bench space. Our companion application and online portal allows pairing with tablets and smartphones.