SST RealTime Portal™

Our innovative SST RealTime Portal™ allows you to keep track of inventory in real time from anywhere! With our SST RealTime Reader™ integration, you can rely on up to date information for any item onsite.


What We Offer

Our compact and portable SST RealTime Scale™ can be placed on any flat-surfaced lab bench and wirelessly transmit reagent information and precision weight.


Secure Data Collection


Intelligent Data Analytics


SST RealTime Companion™ Mobile App

Cloud Services

Access your data from multiple devices and multiple locations anywhere in the world. 

Consumable Tracking

Reagent tracking in real time, any time. Utilize the RFID tracking tags on every reagent container to track usage.

Automated Data Capture

Scaled Solutions Technologies utilizes smart IoT devices for real-time data capture, providing trusted information in a shared environment.

Automated Alerts

Work smarter not harder. We provide automated alerts for low reagent levels, expiration, and reservations so that you can focus on essential tasks.