Despite its animations, which may come off as cartoonish, the 2002 edition of “Less is Better: Guide to Minimize Waste in Laboratories,” by the American Chemical Society, is a valuable easy to read guide with plenty of useful links depending on the reader’s interest. “Less is Better” provides information about government requirements, the “Green Chemistry” movement, and general reduction in waste through improved laboratory practices.

In particular the article provides an interesting take on buying in bulk, arguing that bulk-buying does not always lead to cost savings. The article lists the startling fact that “unused chemicals typically constitute 40% or more of the hazardous waste stream generated.” While partial automation and software programs have definitely progressed since “Less is Better” was written, the recommendations and advice are still very worthwhile to consider and it is a good resource of valuable links (note that article titles should be copy-pasted into a searchbar as some links have moved).

Some of the updated links are posted here:

101 Ways to Reduce Hazardous Waste in the Laboratory

Laboratory Waste Minimization

EPA: Little Known But Allowable Ways to Deal With Hazardous Waste