SST RealTime User Guide (Beta)

by | Jul 3, 2024

Step 1: SST RealTime Portal Account
  • Workspace managers (a group or department with shared inventory): go to and create an account with your email and password, then sign into your account
  • Invite users to your RealTime Portal workspace via email
Step 2: Adding Inventory in Portal
  • After logging in as a user into your workspace, navigate to: Consumables -> Inventory Items
  • To add a new consumable to the portal, click “+ADD CONSUMABLE”
  • Enter fields as required.
    • Required fields are Item Chemical Name and Initial Content (Net) Weight (in grams)
    • Initial Net Weight is the current amount stored in the container in grams, not including the weight of the container itself.
    • Optional fields include CAS Number, Storage Location, Expiration Date, etc.
  • Once completed, click “Submit” to save and repeat process to add more consumables
  • Saving the consumable in the portal allows you to now associate an RFID tag through the mobile app
Step 3: SST RealTime App Download
  • If not yet installed, download “SST RealTime” mobile application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install it onto your Android or iOS mobile device
  • Open the app and sign in with your email and password from your SST RealTime Portal account. If you wish to remain logged in until logging out or turning off the device, check the “Remember Me” box
Step 4: RFID Tagging Inventory
  • Gather the consumables you wish to tag and monitor in the app
  • For each consumable you wish to monitor, place an RFID adhesive tag on the container
  • Ideal surfaces to place the RFID tag on are:
    1. The container body (not cap)
    2. Non-metallic
    3. Dry surfaces
    4. At room temperature
Step 5: Adding RFID Tagged Inventory in App
  • Check and make sure Bluetooth and NFC (near-field communication) are enabled on your mobile device
  • Check that your Bluetooth scale is equipped with batteries and the scale units are set to “g” (grams)
  • Using your same Portal credentials, log into the SST mobile app
  • To link a newly tagged consumable, hold the consumable RFID tag directly against the back of the mobile device to scan. In iOS press the “Scan a Tag” button
  • The mobile app will indicate if the tag was successfully scanned
    • For unlinked tags, you will be prompted to link the scanned tag with a consumable that was entered through the portal. Follow the prompts to select your unlinked consumable and record your initial consumable weight.
    • For linked tags, you will see the linked consumable information that was entered in the portal
Viewing Inventory
  • Sign into your portal account from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone anytime anywhere to view information about the status of any consumable, including the usage history and amount remaining
Searching Inventory
  • Use the search bar at the top of the portal window to search for consumables by name, product number or chemical CAS number
  • The search result will return a list of all consumables that contain the entered information. For example, searching “acetic” by Chemical Name would show both “acetic acid” and “acetic anhydride”
Updating Consumable Weight
  • Place the RFID tag directly against the back of the mobile device to scan. In iOS press “Scan a Tag”
  • If the RFID is linked and recognized, the Consumable information will be displayed in the mobile device.
  • Press the “Weigh” button
  • If not on already, turn on the Bluetooth scale
  • For the first weigh-in you will be prompted to press the “Connect to Scale” button. If the scale remains on, the Bluetooth connection will persist, and you can proceed directly to weighing for the next consumable
  • If successfully connected, the scale reading will show up live on the bottom of the app screen. When weight is stable, press the “Save” button to send updated weight to the portal. The software will subtract the stored tare weight and display updated net weight in the portal
  • If you wish to cancel out at any time, you may press your mobile device ‘back’ button to return to the app home (“Scan Tag”) screen.
  • If you wish to cancel out of the current consumable and work with another consumable, you can scan the new tag directly and proceed with that consumable
Editing Inventory
  • Consumable information may be edited in the portal. Click anywhere on the consumable line item to open the consumable detail view. Click the “Edit Consumable” button to edit fields, then click “Submit” to save
Depleting Inventory
  • Tagged items may be depleted in the Click anywhere on the consumable line item to open consumable detail view. Then click the “Deplete Consumable” button and follow the prompt to confirm
  • To deplete in the mobile app, scan the consumable tag, then press “Deplete”. Follow the prompt to confirm
  • When depleted, consumables are removed from the “Inventory Items” folder and placed in the “Depleted Items” folder in the portal



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