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Here you can find information about how the SST RealTime Platform™ works and what it can do for you. View product media, tutorials and FAQs, or contact us directly.

“Scaled Solutions Technologies™ is building a critically needed system providing up-to-date inventory information about all reagents for experiment planning and management.”

We are on a mission to develop a convenient, smart, and broadly available reagent tracking system that will save time and cost for laboratories of any size. The idea is simple – as reagent containers are returned to the stockroom, the container is placed onto the Scaled Solutions Technologies automated scale-scanner device. Within seconds, a “one-beep” indicator lets the user know that the reagent has been cataloged and can be returned to the shelf.

The Scaled Solutions Technologies cloud-based inventory management system takes it from there, processing identification and weight information through a proprietary software system to an easy-to-use portal, where approved laboratory personnel can access real-time data on any reagent in the laboratory. In larger facilities, total reagent amounts in different locations can be simultaneously tracked to provide total supply, and reagents can be differentiated and aggregated for each type and container.

Our patented technology leverages a unique combination of RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, and precision scale technology to record all your inventory needs. Please contact us today to schedule a demo!

The SST Simulation

Check out our SST RealTime Scale™ and SST RealTime Portal™ simulation. Click the simulation to open a new window to start playing the RTS Demo or click the button below to launch the simulation in a new window.